Quadro K6000 or Tesla K40?

What is the exactly difference between these cards. I cant find anything that i cant do with a Quadro K6000. So why should I use a Tesla K20 for scientific calculations?
Please give my some good reasons because i have to buy a cuda workstation for my cryptographically analysis.
->It would be a nice bonus if i can use the OpenGL from Quadrocards, so where is the leak?

Actually i planned 2 Quadro K6000, or for some reason i dont know yet, 2 Tesla K40.

hmm, nobody here who can tell me something?

Tesla K40 is not yet available, so I do not know why that is in the title.

The Tesla K20 has some advantages, like dual copy engines and the TCC driver for Windows. But just going by the numbers it appears the Quadro K6000 is better, but also much more expensive.

You can always uses Google to search for more information about the two cards.

Because the OP is interested in it! :D Btw, I think its a valid question, the K40 has been announced (with specs).

Based on some brief comparing, the only difference I could spot is that the K40 seems to have 235W TDP, while the K6000 only 225W.

Don’t know about Windows, but AFAIK the Quadro-s also have 2 copy engines.