Question about cloud-native-stack

What would be good workflow examples of applications of all the automation used in the cloud-native-stack?

The differences in iGPU vs vGPU raise questions. For example, the amazing tooling we have in many repos such as cloud-native-stack and deepops and more allow to setup and manage complex GPU cluster and productionalize models and there are plenty of examples and DLI even has lots of courses.

When it comes to Edge devices, there are little examples of Devop/MLops. It feels strange deploying k8s on such tiny computers.

Hi @Pappachuck_renan, here are some posts about using the lightweight K3S for edge/IoT:

There is also the cloud-native-stack install guide for Jetson:

If you are into containers and MLops you might find this interesting:

Thank you so much, you are awesome !!!

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