Question about GPU Operator (DCGM) relation ship?

I have a question about relation ship with GPUOperator.

As a default, GPU Operator executes DCGM/DCGM Exporter.
It is not feasible for Nsight Compute?
Of any workaround exists for this usage?

Since I met following error for executing Nsight Compute

Profiling failed because a driver resource was unavailable.
Ensure that no other tool (like DCGM) is concurrently collecting
profiling data. See
ProfilingGuide/index.html#faq for more details.

As the error message and linked page suggest, DCGM collecting performance metrics can’t be run concurrently with Nsight Compute doing the same. You can see on the FAQ page the suggestion to disable DCGM profile collection, at least for the duration of collecting performance data with Nsight Compute.

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Thank you. I understand the limitation.