Questions about NVVP

I have some questions about NVVP (NVIDIA VISUAL PROFILER).

Question 1: How can I profile kernels from different CUDA processes? For example, can I profile the processes ./cuda1 & ./cuda2 ?

Question 2: I am very intertsed in extracting (at any time) the information that give me how busy is the GPU from the profiling application. At first I though that the metric I need is the number of SMs a kernel is working on. By the way, I do not find this metric in NVVP or NVPROF. Could you please show me how could I achieve it? Additionaly I found out that metrics like achieved_occupancy is helpful as well. Could you please, provide me the full list of metrics that show how my application makes my gpu busy?

Thank you very much in advance!!

Please read the documentation here:

specifically: Profile all processes

The full list of metrics is here: