Questions on mixing Titan V and Tesla V100 in a standalone workstation environment

Is it possible, practical or even effective to mix a Titan V or RTX and a Tesla V100 in a single system? With the Titan performing graphics duties and the Tesla acceleration and compute tasks? (And if so, how about 2+2) Both being Volta, is it possible to link 2 or more in a NV Link to allow full speed communication? I don’t do much ML/DL yet, though I will be before long. But I do a lot of graphic design and graphics-intensive work from 3D (soon to add VR) on down to intense gaming sessions with my son. If not, could you recommend a setup? Thanks.

{Edited} Please see below.

So, please allow me to clarify, now that I have found some more information in independent study. I am still curious as to the same questions, just a more likely pairing if my case scenario is possible at all. Can I have a Quadro GV100 and a Titan RTX in the same case? In NVLink/SLI? And if not, what about a Quadro RTX?