Quick Question about OptiX 7 Guide or Tutorial


Currently I’m moving my project from the old version of OptiX to OptiX 7 and find out many differences in the structures of the code. I installed the OptiX 7 and the SDK works well. I’m also reading the providing code and given documentation in the SDK.

Just make sure if I didn’t miss anything, is there any quick guide or walkthrough tutorial for OptiX 7? I remember that reading through a quick-start article of shader/shadow/texture for the previous version of OptiX. (https://docs.nvidia.com/gameworks/content/gameworkslibrary/optix/optix_quickstart.htm) Are there any similar documentation to read through for OptiX 7? Any suggestions or help would be appreciated. Thank you!

If you are familiar with the old OptiX API (1 - 6) then there are multiple OptiX SDK examples which have been provided inside the OptiX 6 and 7 SDK doing the same thing.

For additional OptiX 7 API porting guides please have a look at all sticky posts inside this OptiX sub-forum.
There is a blog post about how to get started with OptiX 7, explaining the SDK’s optixTriangle example.
There is a step-by-step tutorial in the SIGGRAPH 2019 course examples.
Then there are ports of the later OptiX 5.1 based OptiX Introduction examples to OptiX 7.x using the CUDA Runtime API and CUDA Driver API.
Find links in here:

Also many threads on this forum deal with porting questions, which explain differences and how to do things with the new API.

The online raytracing documentation can be found here: https://raytracing-docs.nvidia.com/

Thank you for your help! The information is pretty helpful.

Another good resource that I highly recommend is https://github.com/shocker-0x15/OptiX_Utility

The author has done a great job of getting up and running with OptiX 7 as easy as possible. It includes a bunch of very simple samples to help get you started.

Thank you! This is also very helpful.