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Could you point me to Optix tutorials and webcasts which would be a good starting point to learn Optix programming.

  • If you have the OptiX SDK installed, start reading the OptiX_Release_Notes.pdf for the latest information on the prerequisites and known issues.

  • To start learning how to program with OptiX you should read through the OptiX_Programming_Guide.pdf.

  • To get a grip of the underlying C API, work through the examples sample1 to sample5 while looking up the exercised rt-functions inside the OptiX_API_Reference.pdf.

  • At sample5pp the OptiX SDK examples switch to the convenient C++ wrappers around the C API. Get used to that, because all other examples are based on that.

  • Then I would recommend to work through the “tutorial” example which shows many concepts from the programming guide.

  • After that you should be able to work through any example you’re interested in, but be aware that some require a good understanding of global illumination and light transport.

  • I would highly recommend to learn how to create scene geometry without using the OBJ or PLY loaders as well. That helps to integrate OptiX into arbitrary projects.

  • For presentations, please have a look at this site [url]GTC 2022: #1 AI Conference and search for “OptiX” in the top left frame. You may want to start from the bottom of the search results with the older presentations first.


Many Thanks

Where are the sample1 to sample5?
I search them throughout all my drivers, but I could not find them.

This thread is four years old and the examples mentioned here can be found inside the OptiX 3 versions, which you can still get on the OptiX download site via the OptiX Downloads link at the very bottom.
The fundamental techniques and API hasn’t changed in OptiX 4 versions.

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I am new and feel it is difficult to start an application using Optix.

Are there any video tutorials that would help?

Check my OptiX Introduction presentation from GTC 2018.
Video and slides on the gtc-on-demand site including all examples’ sources on github.
Links here: [url]https://devtalk.nvidia.com/default/topic/998546/optix/optix-advanced-samples-on-github/[/url]