RDMA in Windows 11

Does SMB over RDMA work in Windows 11 (client) with ConnectX-6 cards? If yes, what drivers are required and how do I get this to work? I want to transfer data from workstation machines running Windows 11 to and from a NAS

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Yes, Windows 11 supports RDMA as part of SMBv2/3. For the ConnectX-6, you need to install the Win-OF2 driver which you can download from the following link → Mellanox OFED for Windows - WinOF / WinOF-2

For configuration of your NAS, we recommend to reach out to your NAS provider to see if they support SMBv2/3 in their NAS OS.

For the client config, please review the following UM section → https://docs.nvidia.com/networking/display/winof2v290/Storage+Protocols

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