Read Dynamic h264 file of Lane_Detection and Object_Detection


I’m trying to read a dynamic H264 file by sample_lane_detection and sample_object_detector by the programs can’t read the video file continuously like these:

Camera reached end of stream

Could anyone give any suggestion or solution? Thanks a lot.


What are these files? Have you looked at the bitstreams and analyzed them if they are valid?

Yes, the files H.264 are valid and the sample_lane_detection and sample_object_detector can read these files. But for me, the files H.264 are dynamic, which means that the stream is recording continuously. But sample_lane_detection and sample_object_detector can’t read the video files synchronously. Could you give me any suggestion or solution? Thanks a lot.

Hi Yaom,

Can you please elaborate on the HW setup and SW SDK details you are using from Nvidia?

This will help us to understand the setup and respond better.