Object detection using driveworks

Hello All,

I am trying to run the object detection sample provided with the Driveworks SDK.
I am able to run the sample successfully while using the .h264 sample video provided with the SDK. However, if I try to run the sample on my own custom-made .h264 video, the object detection for cars is not working properly. It is showing the boundary boxes in the video, but not over the cars (some random spaces in the video).
Please suggest if there is any specific procedure to make a .h264 video that can be used with Driveworks or if I am missing something here.
P.S: I am shooting the video using my mobile camera and then converting the .mp4 format to .h264.
Looking forward for a response on this.


Hello adjyt,

Could you please compare your .h264 and DriveWorks .h264 file properties like format, profile, setting, W x H, display aspect, color space…?
If have same condition, could you file a bug for this on NVONLINE? Thanks.

Hello mania91,

Changing my h264 video file profile and W*H worked for me. I am able to detect the objects now.
Thanks for your response.