[Q] data file format compatibilities


DriveWorks sample returns error when non-DriveWorks recording tool recorded data are used as attached.
For Lidar Accumulator example, it returns version mismatch.
For Camera, even file conversion to H.264 by some other program, driveworks returns format error.

May I ask detailed format of LiDar and GPS files?


Dear nvdpx2,

-. According to the error message(“unknown lidar type”), Can I know what a Lidar you used?

-. All the networks we provide have been trained with images that are RCB after a pre-proscessing.
So regular / converioned h264 videos injected into our networks might work or might not work.

Dear Steve,

data files are downloaded from “www.cvlibs.net/datasets/kitti/”.
And they say “Velodyne HDL-64E” was used to gather.

H.264 might be work or not.
Therefore, I converted H264 encoded mp4 file into JVT NAL H.264.

– modified –
As for GPS, downloaded files have ASCII data as following:
49.019923233121 8.3907261155665 105.86827087402 0.0376 0.011554 0.9837653267949 12.686659476461 8.4984160329378 15.26994474778 0.05625625764968 -0.065735097163527 0.1633745898902 0.38566111051891 10.08621224339 0.29097967556397 0.0086695113036893 10.090839094931 0.0045968110635886 -0.02022968463975 -0.0080714112104556 0.0044869493956027 -0.019913388933342 -0.0088863708689041 0.6026649151892 0.053037722424704 4 9 3 0 0

And LiDar,
I attach two sample files here.
– modified –

Velodyne_HDL-64E.zip (2.17 MB)