Read textures from kernel using DX10 interop


Is there a way to read a texture loaded in DX10 from a kernel?

The kernel is writing into a texture…

// Map resource

	cudaD3D10MapResources(1, (ID3D10Resource**) &texture);

	// run CUDA Kernel

	void *pData;

	size_t pitch;

	cudaD3D10ResourceGetMappedPointer(&pData, texture, 0);

	cudaD3D10ResourceGetMappedPitch(&pitch, NULL, texture, 0);

	//sample kernel call

	CUDA_Render(pData, width, height, pitch);

	// Unmap resource

	cudaD3D10UnmapResources(1, (ID3D10Resource**) & texture);

The kernel does some calculations per pixel. I would like to access other textures from within that kernel.

Is there an easy way to do this?

Thank You.