Reading Formate Error please Help...

PGFIO-F-231/formatted read/unit=4/error on data conversion.
File name = file used in calculation losses formatted, sequential access r
ecord = 283
In source file PTCalculator.CUF, at line number 860

Line 860: READ(4,"(3F10.7)")firstecc,secondecc,Lsegment

I’m reading from file, It reads until some limit only.

File issues like this depend upon how you open the file, and the file itself.

Two ways to go with this.

  1. construct a demonstrating example you can send us so we can recreate.
    The best situation is where the example works correctly with gfortran, but not with pgfortran.

  2. write a program that actually creates a file, closes it, and then your code
    reads the file. This would give more insight about the file itself, whether
    it is corrupted, or created improperly, or opened improperly.