Reading OemK1 and OemK2 fuses from board


Noticed that does not emit OemK1 or OemK2 fuses when doing fuse read from AGX module.
Is it possible to read these fuses from board ?

Bit of background:

I was doing custom EKB with OemK1 fuse burned board, and for some reason EKB is not valid, and started double checking creation process and need to double check that OEM K1 key given in EKB generation is indeed same as key burned to OEM K1 fuse in the board.

hello jsabzk6o,

you cannot read OEM_K1, and OEM_K2 fuse values.

you may check BootSecurityInfo to check whether you toggle this… Bit [9] ODM Key Valid.
please refer to developer guide, Example Orin Fuse Configuration File to Program an ECDSA P-521 Key + SBK Key + OemK1 Key.

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