Rebuilding HPCX_ompi, hcoll linker files?

Following the recommended steps from here for rebuilind from the soruce code, I can’t seem to get hcoll to link correctly. Looking at and looking around it seems like the tarball did not include commpatterns or netpatterns.

Do I need these? If I don’t include --with-hcoll will ompi work alright?

Hello Levi,

Hope you are doing well.

When you say “the tarball did not include commpatterns or netpatterns” what packages are you referring to? I’m not finding these referenced in the HPCX documentation. These are not listed under requirements for HPCX so I don’t believe you should need them to run HPCX but if I am misunderstanding your question please let me know.

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OMPI will work without HCOLL, but collective operations will not be accelerated. Are you getting any kind of error?