recent nvidia-linux driver cannot be installed on uptodate system

The recent linux-driver
cannot finish to compile the kernel module.

gcc returns the message, that a gcc-plugin could not be successfully loaded

cc1: error: incompatible gcc/plugin versions
cc1: error: fail to initialize plugin ./scripts/gcc-plugins/

On uptodate Parabola/GNU-Linux we are running:
linux-libre 5.5.1 (the kernel)
linux-libre-headers 5.5.1
gcc 9.2.1+20200130

the last working nvidia driver that compiled correctly was in my case 435.27 (installed in november 2019 with at that time uptodate dependencies)

Is there already a workaround? Otherwise the driver sould be rebuild to correspond to the actual linux-kernel and gcc version.

Kind regards.

That’s a downstream issue. The kernel you are running has been built with plugins enabled, and with a different GCC version than the one you got installed. Compare the version from running cat /proc/version to what you’ve got installed.

First try running a full system upgrade, again, then look for a bug report on Parabola, then consider reporting it to them.