Record framerate possible with Nsight graphics?

I am just a newbie in nsight tools. I am using Ubuntu 22.04LTS and OptiX 7.5 API for real-time raytracing development. What I want to do, record the framerate for a particular amount of time. For example, I run algorithm1, algorithm2, and algorithm3 each for 30seconds. I want to get the framerate data for this 30 seconds. Then I can compare the performance of these algorithms.

If it is possible to get visualization of the data would be better, and if there is any way I can visualize all these three algorithms’ framerate data, that would be the best. I can do it with my code also, but I also want to learn nsight tools, and would like to see if it is possible without adding additional code.

P.S. At the documentation I see Nsight graphics only has support for DirectCompute, Direct3D (11, 12, DXR), OpenGL, Vulkan (1.3, KHR Vulkan Raytracing Extension), Oculus SDK, and OpenVR. That did not mention anything about NVIDIA's own API OptiX!

Thank you for using Nsight Graphics. Have you used our GPU Trace feature within Nsight Graphics? You can find out more about GPU Trace by reading the details in the documentation here Advanced Learning :: Nsight Graphics Documentation. Vulkan applications that use OptiX are supported within GPU Trace.

Please let me know if you have other questions.


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