Recovery mode

I accidently changed the permission of sudoers and now I need to go to the recovery mode put the permission back to 0440(chmod 0440 /etc/sudoers). How do I do this (putting in recovery mode) in TX1?


Recovery mode does not edit mounted file systems, it only reads or writes eMMC and boot environment. Option 1 is to flash and start fresh. Option 2 is to clone, edit the clone, and then flash from the clone (you’d loopback mount the clone on the PC host to do the edit, then flash using the option to “reuse” the clone instead of generating a system.img).

Basically your running system will require you to become root to make any changes, and the mechanism for becoming root is disabled, so there isn’t a lot of room for creative recovery. If you want to clone your root partition (the “APP” partition), then you’ll want to look at this:

Although the actual flash command differs on a TK1 you may find this information useful (most everything applies):

Just be sure your host has lots of space, and once you’ve cloned, don’t accidentally overwrite your image. The short explanation is that a normal flash generates “bootloader/system.img.raw”, then compresses it to become “bootloader/system.img”…the flash program can use a non-compressed clone in place of system.img, but if your clone is there under that name, and if you then flash normally, it’ll be overwritten. Each clone is about 15GB (check available space on your PC with “df -H” prior to starting). Old “bootloader/system.img*” can be deleted before starting if you lack disk space. The “-r” option is what tells flash to not overwrite the existing system.img, and to instead use that same image again.


You can try this

1.Link tx1 and PC(with ubuntu os) with the usb cable
2.Enter uboot and type “ums 0 mmc 0” in UART console
3.You can see the file system mount on your ubuntu.