mount TX1 root partition from Ubuntu Host System

how can I mount the TX1 root partition, if the device is in recovery-mod, and connected to a Host PC ?

I deleted the wrong modules :-)


You cannot remote USB mount a Jetson partition directly. Jetsons in recovery mode are devices, but they are not mass storage devices…as such Jetsons make available an interface only the flash software understands.

However, you can clone the root partition, repair it, and then load the repaired clone back into the Jetson. Repairing on a root partition clone is possible because the file produced by clone is just a loopback mountable ext4 partition.

Here is some JTK1 clone information…other than actual commands this mostly applies to a JTX1:

Here are the actual commands to clone under a JTX1:

Note that if you replace “bootloader/system.img” with a cloned root partition and then use the “-r” option to the clone will be used rather than generating a new image.