Regarding access to decoded yuv


Can I access directly decoded yuv using mmap?

Thank you.

This looks to be duplicate of

The decoded buffers are in blocklinear. If you configure MMAP in capture plane, it calls the function internally:

blocklinear buffer -> NvBufferTransform() -> pitchlinear buffer -> NvBufferMemMap()

MMAP and DMABUF actually work identically.

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Can you tell me what blocklinear and pitchlinear mean?

As expected, NvBuffer is two-dimensional in shape.
Since the cpu buffer is one-dimensional, does this process go through?

If you can explain it with pictures, I think it will be quick to understand.

For data order of pitch linear format, please check
NV12 is one Y plane and one UV-interleaved plane.

Detail about block linear is not open for public. Please always convert to pitch linear buffer for your usecase.