Release 22.04

Cuopt Community News - How to Run Cuopt on WSL?

Release 22.04 is here!

🚀 New Features

  • Update Breaks API
  • Pickup and Delivery location will be identified in results
  • Add utility functions to write data model to HDF and read from HDF
  • Adding helm charts for EA and unrestricted
  • Add vehicle breaks and model break locations

🛠️ Improvements

  • Handle infeasible solutions with breaks and re-optimization
  • Upgrade thrust, raft, rmm, RNG and version
  • Add soft tw and max lateness per route for pickup and delivery
  • Add objective value getter to assignment class
  • Add objective function to server and fix bugs
  • Use compile time array access

Bug Fixes

  • Fix out of bounds issue for pickup and delivery case in initial insertion
  • Fix cython for multiple break dimensions
  • Fix print function to show travel time for vehicles
  • Cap the time windows to 32 bit max when they are not specified