Release notes for Nvidia Bright Cluster Manager 9.2-13

Release notes for Bright 9.2-13

== General ==

  • Upgrade openssl to 3.0.9
  • Updated cuda12.1 packages to 12.1 update 1
  • Slurm: rely on MIG autodetection when configuring gres.conf
  • Add mlnx-ofed23.04 package, version 23.04-
  • Allow cloud directors to not have public IPs for AWS Direct Connect cloudbursting

=Fixed Issues=

  • An issue with the AdditionalSubmitHosts advanced configuration flag
  • A regression where CMDaemon restart triggers a Slurm restart
  • Ensure job_gpu_* have correct values in the first few seconds of a job being started
  • An issue where some events in cmsh were still displayed when running with --hide-events
  • An issue where virtual IB interfaces were not excluded from monitoring
  • An issue when initializing monitoring definitions from a JSON sampler
  • An issue with with cm-kubernetes-setup logging creating too many files
  • An issue when running cm-image shell
  • An issue that prevented cm-jupyter-setup from running in multi-distro environments
  • An issue fetching job info if UGE accounting rotation is configured
  • An issue with the auto scaler ignoring queue priorities in case of multi-queue Slurm jobs

== CMDaemon ==
=Fixed Issues=

  • An issue with job_gpu_wasted metric calculation for multi-node jobs
  • An issue where the NFSCheckerPort AdvancedConfig parameter was not being used

== Node Installer ==
=Fixed Issues=

  • An issue with the node-installer disk scripts being unable to assemble MD raids
  • An issue with the bootif_detect and getclientid scripts not detecting ConnectX-3 cards while using the GRUB bootloader

== Head Node Installer ==
=Fixed Issues=

  • An issue with the selection of disks always using the first disk, regardless of user choice, if the custom disk editor was not opened.

== cmha-setup ==
=Fixed Issues=

  • An issue that prevented cloning headnodes containing btrfs filesystems

== jupyter ==
=Fixed Issues=

  • An issue where the internal jupyterhub database was not upgraded during package upgrades