Remote Visualization

Background: I have access to a GPU cluster (1 headnode +13 compute nodes, with Centos 5.4, CUDA 6.5). I can compile and execute CUDA code on the compute nudes using putty from my laptop. I have installed Xming on my laptop and X11 is running on all the compute nodes. I can run simple openGL code on the headnode from my laptop and display the result(image/animation) on my laptop.I have also installed VirtualGL and VNC server in my cluster.

Question: I have been trying to run the NVIDIA-CUDA-sample codes (like simpleGL, volumeRendering, etc. which has openGL part to display results) from laptop. I was able to compile the simpleGL/volumeRender codes successfully on the compute node using putty from my laptop but whenever I tried to run the CODE, it terminates the program saying freeglut cannot open the display.
Any help/suggestion would be appreciated.

This writeup may be of interest: