remove ,,Press ENTER to exit...'' prompt does anybody know howto remove this?


i am wondering, does someone know if there is a possibility to remove the annoying ,Press ENTER to exit…’’ prompt after the execution of a cuda program?


It is coming from cutil.
For the SDK examples, just add -noprompt on the command line

ah … ok! cool, thx 4 your answer :)

edit: hmmm … for the sdk examples this works, but for my own program the prompt on exit after finishing is still here - even with a ,-noprompt’’ switch :/

i reused the makefile/ from one of the examples to write my own program but i use command line parameters to configure the dimensions of my grid size/thread number to run some tests how different numbers of threads/threads per block influence the runtime behavior of a simple algorithm.

does anybody know: is there a possibility to switch it of via a makefile/linker option or something similar?

Don’t call CUT_EXIT.

BTW, it is explained in the cutil_readme.txt in the common subdirectory

oops … really a rtfm - sorry, did not read this one :unsure:



edit: ah … this readme file exits in cuda-1.1, because i am using a debian-etch system (no glibc 2.4 which is necessary for cuda-1.1) i still use cuda-1.0 :/

Find the cutil.h in the directory command/inc,modify the 836th line or discard it. :))