Rendering windows image in CUDA

Dear All,

I am newbies to CUDA but I have read and test a lot of Example provide in the SDK which are really valuable source of information.

But I still have some question which regarding the design of my application.

The first issue is that I would like to know if it is possible to call windows function (API) to rendere image directly in the cuda device?

The second issue is that I have three for loop.

Serial version

for each Frame

  For earch Beam

	Rectify Scan data in Beam

	for each data 

	   make compute each data

Approach Parallel version in CUDA 

map Frame to Grid  

  map Beam to Block

   Rectify Scan data

   map data to sample

	 used thread Idx to compute each data

dear “cuda guru” is this approach good with cuda architecture ?

if yes how can I implemented this in CUDA (pseudo code) I mean how can I get the index of thread.

Beam and Scan data size are variable and all loop are really independent.

Thanks a lot for your reply.