Replace the second LOGO interface during startup

Hello, I want to replace the second LOGO on the Orin devkit in JP5.0.2 when starting up. Previously, when using xavier, I could use the tool “Linux_for_Tega/tools/bmp splash” to generate blob files, but orin did not find the tool directory. What can I do? thank you!

I used the tool of xavier. When generating, I passed in the parameter t234 and used to burn. An error occurred.

sudo ./ -r -k BMP --image ./bootloader/bmp.blob jetson-agx-orin-devkit mmcblk0p1

Please refer to the rel-35.1 developer guide. There is method mentioned.

Right here? thank you,Or could you elaborate?

Yes, you need to rebuild the UEFI binary.

The logo will be displayed twice during startup. Are they all in uefi?

No, the second one is just a file in rootfs.

Where did you modify it? Secondary

see if there is file over here - /usr/share/backgrounds.

NVIDIA_ Login_ Logo. png

is this one?


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