Request for API Endpoint Information

Hello community,

We have deployed the NVIDIA BioNeMo container on our cloud infrastructure (not on DGX Cloud) and are looking to interface with its API. However, we were unable to locate a list of API endpoints in the documentation. Could you please provide some guidance on this matter?

The document I am referring to is: Introduction — NVIDIA BioNeMo Framework

Dear @KindnessCUDA

Thanks for your question.

The BioNeMo Framework also provides API endpoints for running inferencing. It requires the appropriate model is downloaded, and the BioNeMo Framework container is running it, as shown in this example walkthrough for MegMolBART inferencing: BioNeMo - MegaMolBART Inferencing for Generative Chemistry — NVIDIA BioNeMo Framework

Additionally, here is a documentation page with instructions on how to run inferencing using the PyTriton server: Example of PyTriton Inference — NVIDIA BioNeMo Framework

Please let us know if you have any further questions.

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