RoCE v2 configuration with Linux drivers and packages

is it possible to configure RoCE v2 with Connectx-4 card without MLNX_OFED? can someone please share info if there is any guide/doc available to configure with Linux drivers and packages?

I tried to do with drivers and packages but I am not able to succeed. When I used MLNX_OFED, RoCE is configured successfully.

Hi Vetri,

Thank you for posting your question on the Mellanox Community.

Instead of using MLNX_OFED, you can use the OS distributed drivers for our adapters. These are called INBOX drivers.

The following provides you the User Manual and Release Notes for some of the distributions which include the INBOX driver for our adapter. The User Manual provides the information how to set the RoCE mode if supported with the INBOX driver.

For any other inquiries regarding the OS distributed driver, you need to contact the OS vendor for the instructions.

The link is →

Thanks and regards,~Mellanox Technical Support

Thank you! I was able to configure and run, I had problems with i40e & i40iw drivers.