RTC accuracy on Jetson Nano


We added a RTC buttary on our product basing on Jeston Nano, while doing the functional test, we found that the time may have some vairance with RTC, could you kinldy help to check what could be the root cause:
We Synchronize the time at 11-Jan-2022 and then cut off the power. This means the RTC function is active.
Then on 18-Feb-2022, we power on the Exalta unit to check the system time.
We found the system time is different between the Exalta unit and the Computer(Synchronize the time by ethernet)

The max. deviation is 42s.

Time on Exalta Time on computer Difference
Unit2 13:35:18 13:36:00 42
Unit3 13:35:42 13:36:00 18
Unit4 13:35:24 13:36:00 36
Unit5 13:35:23 13:36:00 37

The accuracy of RTC is about 2s/day.

Thanks for the feedback, any other option that we can get more accruate RTC time? Thanks!

No from hardware side.

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