"_rtContextLaunch2D" cause crash

Dear develpoer,

The wrong hints are as follows:

[error] error_code:-1. p:0. Unknown error (Details: Function “_rtContextLaunch2D” caught exception: Encountered a CUDA error: cudaDriver().CuMemcpyDtoHAsync( dstHost, srcDevice, byteCount, hStream.get() ) returned (716): Misaligned address)s

Utilization of resources:

  1. cpu load/total:3G/16G Gpu usage : 80%-100% Gpu load/total 3G/6G

The operation of the program is as follows:
1.Fast change the camera position

Not enough information. Please try to describe your problem in the necessary detail to allow reproducing this.

Always include your system configuration when reporting problems:
OS version, installed GPU(s), display driver version, OptiX version (major.minor.micro), CUDA Toolkit used to compile your device programs, application which fails, etc.

Thank you for your reply.

system configuration is as follows:

OS version: window 10 x64
GPU: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1060 6G
display driver version: NVIDIA
Optix version: NVIDIA-OptiX-SDK-5.0.0-win64-23282304
CUDA tool: v9.1

Application scene :In the process of loading multiple models, mouse operation

Error frequency:higher

Again, there is no way to analyze your issue without a reproducer.

You could try newer drivers than 388.19 and if that isn’t helping, possibly downgrade to CUDA v9.0.

Excuse me, where to download CUDA v9.0? No links were found on the official website.

On the CUDA Toolkit download page, follow the big green button on the right named “Legacy Releases”.