RTX 3080 Random drop core\ram clock

Good day everyone. I faced an awful problem with my 3080… In random time (when I play heavy games like Doom Eternal \ X4: Rebirth \ Warthunder, or absolutely light games like Rimworld \ Age of Empires 2 \ UFO: Terror from the deep, Even when i work with game engines like unity or unreal engine) - my videodriver crashes with error code 4101 and after that GPU can’t return core and ram clock to default value until reboot. My retailer said, that i need to wait 30 f*****g days, until they can check is my case is under warranty, or not. I tried to underclock core and ram to -114 mhz, but it doesn’t helps. Maybe someon in this forum can help me ? or i need to return my gpu to retailer ? Thank you in advance and sorry for my bad english -_-
P.S. I uses only latest firmware and drivers. My PSU is Seasonic X-1050 (SS-1050XM Active PFC) 1050W

(clock after crash)
268e68641edf17323d838a5eff4b3ca3|690x236 (voltage and core\ram usage)
DxDiag.txt (135.3 KB) (dxdiag)
Crash Report.zip (61.3 KB) (some old crash reports)

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Welcome to the NVIDIA Developer forums. I suggest posting this in the GeForce forums for help. This forum is for reporting community issues and feedback for the developer forums.

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