RTX A2000 has power cap at 35w?

This only started happening after I moved…

The card will only boost to 200-350mhz (core) when under heavy stress such as a render or gaming. The performance is also cut considerably. It isn’t like the pc cannot push all 70w, as the card usually runs normally for 15 ish minutes after the pc starts up. Checking nvidia SMI during a gaming session, it showed that the power limit was still 70w and the gpu was running at a cool ~50°c (multiple other programs show this also).

Does anyone know what causes this or if there is any sort of fix?

Hello @jaceb543 and welcome to the NVIDIA developer forums.

First of all, RTX A2000 is not a gaming GPU, but I guess you are aware of that.

If you experienced this only after some move, I would check if the GPU is sitting properly in the PCIe Slot and that you have attached all power cables correctly.

Install latest BIOS, Chipset drivers, NVIDIA drivers, then check again.

Try the GPU in a second or a friend’s system, see if it is as slow there. If so, consider RMA since surley with a workstation GPU you still have Warranty on it.

I hope this help.