RTX A6000 software/hardware compatibility

We have a System76 PC with Ubuntu 18 as its OS and Asus Workstation Board - WS C621E SAGE as motheboard.

Currently we have RTX 6000 and RTX 8000 GPUs installed in there and they function well.
We are planning to add the new RTX A6000 to this system, which is a much newer GPU.

Would you be able to confirm that if our system works with the two older GPUs, it will also be able to work with the new RTX A6000?
Is there any hardware/software incompatibilities that we should be concerned about before purchasing the new GPU?


You shouldn’t have issues. You need a driver that support all architectures.

Depending on how lanes you have on the PCI bus, bandwidth might drop if adding the new card requires a split.

Thanks for your response.
Are the drivers that run RTX 8000 not able to run RTX A6000? Will they have to be upgraded?

It looks like support for A6000 was added in 460.27.04, therefore it would be the minimum.

Thank you. So, there’s no reason for the hardware to be incompatible with our system, but a driver upgrade to at least 460.27.04 will be required to make sure the old and new GPUs will all be able to function properly.

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