RuntimeError: Could not initialize camera. Please see error trace

Good afternoon. I am working on Yahboom waveshare Jetbot. Using inbuilt camera with FCC cable connected to one of the camera ports.

v4l2-ctl --list-devices

it shows me
vi-output, imx219 8-0010 (
All the drivers are installed. The following has been done too
sudo systemctl restart nvargus-daemon (Still no help)

I can Initialize the camera from

  1. nvgstcapture-1.0
    It works

But when I initialize it from the script

import traitlets

import ipywidgets.widgets as widgets

from IPython.display import display

from jetbot import Camera, bgr8_to_jpeg

camera = Camera.instance(width=224, height=224)

The last line

camera = Camera.instance(width=224, height=224)

Gives me the error. Looking forward to some suggestion brothers. Good day
@DaneLLL @ShaneCCC

Did you modify any code?
Does the default jetbot sample working?

everything is in default. Haven’t changed anything

Does a specific version of Numpy or OpenCV will affect this in any shape or is it all okay with the updated versions?

Have check below relative solution.

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