RuntimeError: radix_sort: failed on 2nd step: cudaErrorInvalidValue: invalid argument ? Why?

Hi all,

I am using the latest version of the docker. 21.06 and in Juptyer notebook this code works with no issue:

from cuml.common.sparsefuncs import csr_row_normalize_l2

def efficient_csr_cosine_similarity(query, tfidf_matrix, matrix_normalized=False):
    query = csr_row_normalize_l2(query, inplace=False)
    if not matrix_normalized:
        tfidf_matrix = csr_row_normalize_l2(tfidf_matrix, inplace=False)

def document_search(text_df, query, vectorizer, tfidf_matrix, top_n=3):
    query_vec = vectorizer.transform(Series([query]))
    similarities = efficient_csr_cosine_similarity(query_vec, tfidf_matrix, matrix_normalized=True)
    similarities = similarities.todense().reshape(-1)
    best_idx = similarities.argsort()[-top_n:][::-1]
    pp = cudf.DataFrame({
        'text': text_df['workout'].iloc[best_idx],
        'similarity': similarities[best_idx]
    return pp

But when I run it with straight python on the same docker for a dash application, I get this runtime error:

Traceback (most recent call last):
  File "/home/robomike/code/coolstuff_gpu/Merlin/cool/app/work/", line 118, in displayStuff
    main_df = document_search(cool_df, 'for time', vec, tfidf_matrix)
  File "/home/robomike/code/coolstuff_gpu/Merlin/cool/app/work/", line 43, in document_search
    best_idx = similarities.argsort()[-top_n:][::-1]
  File "cupy/_core/core.pyx", line 715, in cupy._core.core.ndarray.argsort
  File "cupy/_core/core.pyx", line 732, in cupy._core.core.ndarray.argsort
  File "cupy/_core/_routines_sorting.pyx", line 86, in cupy._core._routines_sorting._ndarray_argsort
  File "cupy/cuda/thrust.pyx", line 117, in cupy.cuda.thrust.argsort
RuntimeError: radix_sort: failed on 2nd step: cudaErrorInvalidValue: invalid argument

Attached is the py file that causes the (1.4 KB)

I really don’t understand what is going wrong here. Can someone please help me?

Update: This problem also persists on rapidsai/rapidsai-nightly:21.08-cuda11.0-runtime-ubuntu20.04-py3.7

You might want to ask in the RAPIDS-GoAi slack channel

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