Runutime Error

Hey Guys!!

I am working on a python project where I am trying to train a YOLO model but I am confronted with a runtime error which , after a very thorough check the error is not from my code , this is the error I am receiving : error: an illegal memory access was encountered.

after going through a few trouble shooting process like updating drivers, reinstalling CUDA and checking the code , when I run the same python script again the program suddenly exits with no errors on the console whatsoever , I am really confused on what is happening, I also check the memory using Nsight but couldn’t find anything there either.

These are my env specifications:
CUDA Version: 11.7
Python Version: 3.11.3

Here is where the code is suddenly suspended

Kindly help me with this
Cheers (:

Hi @narayan322007 ,

did you try running your code with cuda-memcheck?