S1070 Power Draw?

Does anyone know how much power an S1070 draws? The webpage says 800W.

Where I get a little uncertain is that for the S870, the webpage says 550W typical (800W max).

So, does the 1070 pull 50% more power than the 870? Or, is that 800W max for the 1070 too?

Yes, 800W is “max.” (Although these figures are fuzzy, and, for one, do not include PSU losses. The true overall maximum is probably about 1kW.)

Are you sure about that? I can imagine that C1060 and GTX280 and such numbers are not including these kinds of losses, but for S1070, NVIDIA has control over the PSU, so I would imagine these number to be accurate.

The S1070 uses C1060’s which are rated for 200W. S1070’s 800W figure seems just a simple multiply of that. Actually, notice that the S1070’s 800W is actually “typical power consumption.” Sorry, I didn’t see that at first.

To answer the OP: However, I don’t think the S1070’s “typical” is comparable to the S870’s “typical.” (S870 gave an optimistic figure and a pessimistic one, S1070 just something in the middle.) I think overall power consumption is up no more than 20%, not 50%.

http://www.nvidia.com/docs/IO/43395/NV_DS_…NV_LR_Final.pdf even speaks about 700 W typical… Which one to believe? ;)


The S1070 pulls about 3.5 amps (420 watts) under full load. Same as the S870. There is one data point.

How are you measuring this?