Saving the Frames based on Source_id

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• Hardware Platform (GPU): Tesla M60
• Deep Stream Version: 6.0
• TensorRT Version
• NVIDIA GPU Driver Version valid for GPU *: 470.182.03
**• Issue Type (questions, new requirements, bugs) **: question
Hi Team
I am using the ds example custom plugin for saving the image with bounding box and tested in deepstream_opencv example works fine by adding dsexample after nvosd , now trying to implement the dsexample on deepstream_app.c and save the images from different sink based on source_id . Images are saving based on the source_id but without bounding box, can you help on these how can we save the frames with bounding box based on source_id or where I need to implement this custom dsexample plugin in the code. I had referred this link for saving it from different sink. ([Pipeline to send multiple sources to multiple sinks? - Intelligent Video Analytics / Deep Stream SDK - NVIDIA Developer Forums] (Pipeline to send multiple sources to multiple sinks?)

Note: I have implemented the ds example properties in the config file and disabled the tiler

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You don’t need to change the deepstream_app.c code. You can get all the batched pictures from NvBufSurface structure in your dsexample plugin code. There is a list: surfaceList. You can try to get the 1st image from surfaceList[0], the 2nd from surfaceList[1]…

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