SDK Manager install produces broken system?

After flashing the Orin AGX with the latest SDK manager ( 2.1.0) I end up with a non-functioning system.

The installer fails to install the container runtime, libgstreamer crashes on boot and on the device itself, it is impossible to open a terminal to even see what is going on.

Which jetpack version is installed here?

You can use the serial console to check log.

After running it for a 3rd time, it seems to work now.
The SDK manager seems quite unstable.

It is hard to tell what is going on without any log.

If you want to report issue in future, dump the log.

I dont have a log for this one, but I checked “deepstream SKD” in the installer - after finishing the install, I get this:

deepstream-app --help

deepstream-app: error while loading shared libraries: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory

So it didnt install a working deepstream?

I got a folder:

ls /opt/nvidia/deepstream/deepstream-6.4/samples

configs trtis_model_repo
models triton_model_repo streams

so it did something. (435.1 KB)
Here are the logs from my various install attempts

Also note, the SDK manager reports DeepStream as successfully installed.

Since your original issue is talking about broken system, I only care about whether your system is broken or not.

If it is not related to original topic anymore, please file a new topic.

ok - I thought that this is just one more detail about how broken the whole SDK manager install is.
The issue with the missing library seems to have been around for a while, i.e.

which is from September 2022 1.5 years later, same error.

I don’t know the issue you are talking about.

But one basic item that you can answer first… actually something like “sdkmanager 2.1” does not stand for any helpful info at all…

Sdkmanager is just a tool to install Jetpack. It is Jetpack version that matters…
We don’t actually care about something called sdkmanager 2.1…
(That is why I asked you version of “jetpack” in previous post but didn’t get your answer…)

If you use latest sdkmanager to install jetpack version from 2022, then I expect you would still hit same issue even now.

Hope you understand what I meant…

ok, that clarifies this.

From a user perspective this is not so great, as I am not expecting a package manager of sorts to install broken packages.

So apparently it installed Jetpack 6.0 D.P - and specifically deepstream 6.4 and deepstream SDK 6.4 (just not with the libraries it needs).

After manually installing libgstrtspserver-1.0-0, at least deepstream-app --version now works.

You can ask your deepstream issue and clarify on the new topic filed.

What I want to say here is the jetpack version is upgraded periodically.

A bug you find may only get fixed in next release. (If it is a critical issue, then it may take more time). And sdkm can install every version.
But it won’t fallback to upgrade the previous one. I don’t know if that means “sorts to install broken packages” to you.
Not every release is totally perfect. I believe this happens to any kind of software release things.

Please be aware that I didn’t know anything about your Deepstream issue. Someone else may help check it.

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