SDL_WINDOW_FULLSCREEN it's broken on several SDL2 apps .doesn't correctly rescale

I don’t know if there is much nvidia can do here but the authors tell me that the SDL2 API does not get along when implementing full screen include this NVIDIA tegra drivers .

For example in one example open source citra 3ds emulator

But when use borderless fullscreen working fine .

Sorry for quality video Not sure how fixable this the problem is alt+tab and push mouse crash desktop resolution 640x480 when the resolution running in pure fullscreen no bordeless usin SDL2 API .
Mrc Carlos.

Partially fixes is compile from source

git clone GitHub - libsdl-org/SDL: Simple Directmedia Layer
mkdir build/
cd build/
cmake -S /home/aresuser/SDL -B .
sudo make install

Recompile all SDL2 with this problem will be more stable but sometimes when have asertion failback to 640x480

Ubuntu and the stability with some libraries SDL2 and Qt is tedious not only do they not update the libraries but there are broken packages without maintaining them correctly

Compiling from source code becomes much more stable than the canonical package.

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We don’t have much experience in SDL2. Would need other users to share experience. Good to see that you have worked out a solution.

About graphics development, we have samples in


Please take a look. If you observe issues and suspect it is something wrong in our graphics driver, please help share a patch to either sample and steps. So that we can do further investigation.