SecureBoot and Trusty on TX2, TXi and TX2 4GB

A beginner level question:
We are going to use TX2 and TX2i in production, and want to test secureboot and Trusty for that.
I just want to know if I can use TX2 4GB for the purpose of experimenting (including burning fuses etc.) and then porting the same thing over to TX2 and TX2i. The differences dont seem to indicate any such thing, but I just want to confirm before going down this path.
If they are drastically different in implementation or a lot of troubleshooting is required (to go from one to the other). Happy to sacrifice a few TX2i.

hello sine.language,

that’s ok, you may using TX2 series to get familiar with the security process.

there’re some materials for your reference,
for example, please refer to developer guide, you may check Security chapter.
you may also check Tutorials page, you may expand [Developer Tools] session and check Jetson Security and Secure Boot, this training video gives an overview of security features for the Jetson product family.

Hello Jerry,

Thank you for the reply.
Would TX2 4G serve the same purpose (instead of using TX2i)?

I’ve update my previous comments, Secureboot and SecureOS were applies to Jetson TX2 series devices.