Secure Booting in TX1


Regarding Secure Booting, there is no information available in the Tegra Linux Driver Package Development Guide for 24.2.1 release.

  1. Is there any provision for Secure booting in 24.2.1?

From the steps provided regarding Secure Booting available in the package 23.2 release guide , the following are the prerequisites, which is not available in the SDK (24.2.1 )

  1. partner_supplement.tbz2,
  2. secureboot_R21.5.0_hard.tbz2

So Could you please help me to download the above mentioned files.?

Hi mohanprasath_12,

There will be the doc which included these information for your design reference, and it should be published soon, please stay tuned.


Hi Kaycc,

Can we follow the Secure Booting procedure which is given in 23.2 release for 24.2.1 ??

If yes, can you please provide the pre-requests as mentioned in the previous query??