TK1 Secure Boot Key and Fuses: Link Redirect

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It appears that the link here:

Downloads the following file:

Is this the correct file for the 32 bit Tegra K1?

The TK1 supports in on 21.x, please find the info from L4T Archive | NVIDIA Developer

Quite Right, 21.8 in fact, is the last supported version of the TK1 Support Package,

Following This Link takes one directly to the Source Files:

Unfortunately - there is no Jetson Fuse Burning Secure Boot Sources Here, perhaps the link is simply taking us to the incorrect package; Since it downloads R32.2.1?

Actually, the R28.1 can’t support TK1, thus the package not quite sute can be suitable for TK1.

You can still check the Tegra K1 Fuse Specification to see if can help.

BTW, the Secureboot Fusing Tools and Docs for R28.2 can be found in Linux for Tegra R28.2 | NVIDIA Developer

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Dang, for whatever reason I must have thought the TK1 Fuse Specification was in that package. My apologies, and thank you for the Updated Link!

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