Secure boot


I need to encrypt and sign the complete system image.

It seems that the TK1 supports a secure boot in order to implement a chain of trust. I can’t find any related document. Can you help me to understand how to implement a secure boot functionality and a “secure” encryption of the complete system image?

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Hi IvanGolob,

We’re preparing the release package, and will be published once it’s ready.



kayccc, can you confirm the release you mentioned has been published, or if it is not the case, when can we expect it to be released ?

Thanks in advance for your answer.

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Emmanuel Poitier

The Jetson platform secure boot package was published at

[b]- Jetson Platform Fuse Burning and Secure Boot Documentation and Tools

  • Jetson TX2 Fuse Specification
  • Jetson TX1 Fuse Specification
  • Jetson TK1 Fuse Specification[/b]

This collection of documentation and tools enables fuse burning for secure boot and other purposes with Jetson TX2, Jetson TX1, and Tegra K1 for developing secure OS and trusted application.