Segmentation fault

make decode_bufr

seems it compiles, links the executable

pgf90 -Mnomain decode_bufr.c -o decode_bufr  -L /opt/pgi/linux86/7.0/lib/pgi.ld -L/usr/local/lib -lemos -L /opt/pgi/linux86/7.0/lib -lpgf90 -lpgf90_rpm1 -lpgf902 -lpgftnrtl -lc -lnspgc -lrt -lpgc -Wl,-rpath,/opt/pgi/linux86/7.0/lib
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but when i run the program like:

./decode_bufr data/airep.bufr

it says:

Segmentation fault

i think it is wrongly builded. or why?


Hi asilter,

It could be any number of things. Try compiling with “-g” and running your program through the PGI debugger, pgdbg. This will show you where the seg fault occurred and hopefully you’ll be able to determine the cause. If you’ve not used pgdbg before, I suggest reading the PGI Tool’s Guide.

  • Mat