Segmentation Mask Opacity

How can I change the opacity of the OSD segmentation mask? From what I can tell the mask color is controlled by the NvDsObjectMeta's NvOSD_RectParams::border_color. However, I can’t find any way of controlling the opacity for the mask itself. It’s very hard to see for some colors. The source code isn’t available for the actual draw call (nvll_osd_draw_segment_masks).

I will check and feedback later.

Can border_color.alpha help? Can you also try NvOSD_MaskParams.threshold?

I think the OSD applies its own alpha. Setting border_color.alpha to 1.0 still produces a transparent mask. I even tried setting it to more than 1, but no luck. I haven’t tried MaskParam’s threshold. But it seems like a very random setting to have to change.

Can you also try NvOSD_MaskParams.threshold?

Same result even if I set NvOSD_MaskParams.threshold to 0.1 or 200.0 (my mask is 255.0 or 0.0).

Seems the mask alpha is set to 127. I will check more internally.

Conformed with internal team. The alpha of mask is fixed to 127. We add the feature into our roadmap. We will fix it in the later release. Thanks.