Select Denver core specifically for execution


Is there a way to select which core a thread runs on?
Previously, I was getting good performance when Denver was automatically selected for a program I’m writing.
Recently, I ported some of the processing to GPU, which reduced demands greatly.

It seems that I’m now on one of the slower cores, and it’s pegged to 100% for some net performance degradation. Is there a way to have the best of both worlds, and run the host application on Denver?

To park the CPU affinity, I think you are looking for the taskset utility (which parks a process) or the pthread_setaffinity API (to park individual threads).

Note that upon boot-up of TX2, the Denver cores are disabled to save power. Enable them with nvpmodel tool and verify by running tegrastats.


Hello xtracrispy,

Can you tell me how you ported some of the processing to GPU ?