Session count limitation for NVENC (No Maxwell GPUs with 2+ NEVENC sessions?)

Some updates:
The question was about K2200 (maxwell gen 1) not K4200 (eg.K4000 described in OLD nvenc SDK pages), but Ok. I did not received any official answer from nvidia (eg. > 2 month).

There is NEW nvidia video codec SDK version 6 and nvidia changes 2+ encoder sessions support -
New SDK (by webpage, not verified) supports 2+ encoder sessions on more cards (including >K2000 also maxwell gen 1 K2200) and new maxwells M* too. There is also removed licensing bug if you combine non-low-end and low-end/geforce card in one system (<=2 encoder session enforced on low-end/geforce card only, eg. N (unlimited for non-low-end) + 2 (for all low/geforce) encoder sessions allowed per system). Now I am slightly happier.


Thanks for this thread, lots of information useful to me that I can’t seem to find anywhere else. Can anyone find any information on single engine NVENC performance benchmarking across the NVIDIA card line? Does a single thread on the maxwell gen 1 Quadro K2200 beat a single thread on an entry level maxwell gen 2 GeForce 960?

My project requires me to transcode many short video clips (6s) very fast, and I’d like to run two simultaneous threads at the fastest speed with about a $600-800 video card budget. I’m thinking about just running a single thread on each of two GeForce cards.


I need 64 Session ffmpeg for IPTV SYSTEM TRANSCODE H.264 1080p to 720P.

What model support of NAVIDA CARD ?

Thank you

For 64 sessions in parallel, you’ll need to a build render farm, so you’ll need more than one card.

Here’s the official Video Encode and Decode Support Matrix.


How about the new product quadro P2000,
how much faster than k2200