Setting a power limit without sudo


I’m working on a research which includes setting a power limit for Nvidia GPU cards.
I can do it using nvidia-smi -pl XX command or using NVML API from my custom build application.
By default one must call the command with power limiting as a superuser.

I wonder if there is any way of changing a GPU power limit while not being a superuser?

Is there e.g. some place in the system (some register or file) which stores the current limit value and it might be enough to just chown this directory as a regular user?

Or any other way which would not require becoming a superuser for the whole server.

Thanks in advance for your answers!

Best regards,

Hi Adam,

Welcome to the NVIDIA Developer forums. The NVAPI category does not seem to be the right location for your question. Can you provide more information about your environment? I can then move your topic to a forum category that is a better fit.

Tom K