Setting up for mex file compilation

I have a GPU card (GeForce GTX 295) of 1.3 compute capability.when i set up my matlab for mex file compilation ,as directed to copy mex_CUDA_win64.xml file to my mex source folder from matlabroot\toolbox\distcomp\gpu\extern\src\mex\win64\mex_CUDA_win64.xml (Windows) ,i do not found any file in the above given folder…please guide me in this regard

This is the easiest way to work with MATLAB from Visual Studio:

Keep in mind that your GPU is old so do not expect too much. Also make sure to account for the fact that MATLAB uses column major format and you will need to explicitly cast from 64 bit double to 32 bit single.(your GPU will not perform 64 bit calcs well)